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PowerPoint Presentations and Training Materials

TitleDescriptionFile SizeFile Type
Atrezzo FAQ'sRevised 11-13-12, Frequently Asked Questions on Atrezzo Connect324 KB.pdf
Atrezzo Provider Portal Password RequirementsPosted March 2016112 KB.pdf
Atrezzo Provider Portal Training ManualRevised 11-13-12. Note: The manual may be updated as enhancements to the system occurs.4600 KB.pdf
Atrezzo Recorded Training Session WebEx link to the Recorded Atrezzo Training Session115 KB.pdf
Examples of Data Field Entry Service TypesKePRO has created a helpful document outlining all the possible service type scenarios with explanation on what to input in each data field.515 KB.pdf
HCHCP Memo Announcing New Atrezzo System and WebEx SessionsMemo dated 10-15-2012765 KB.pdf
Healthy Living Fact Sheet 265 KB.pdf
Healthy Living Informational Flyer 2534 KB.pdf
Healthy Living Referral Process Provider InstructionsHealthy Living Referral Process Provider Instructions123 KB.pdf
Registration ProcessStep by Step on how to Register for Atrezzo Connect.780 KB.pdf
Release Notes 7-16-13 - Increased Provider Portal Speed 746 KB.docx
Release Notes 9-1-15 994 KB.pdf

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